Sauna facilities

The Sauna area at the SportWell in Malles


Finish sauna

This is an appointment with the classic steam bath! The word ‘sauna’ is Finnish more or less signifying ‘wooden room’. The walls are wooden planks that reduce moisture in the air. This is the reason the Finnish sauna is well capable of withstanding high temperatures (95˚C on average).
Temperature: 80- 100°C
Humidity: 10-15 %

Kelo sauna

The Kelo sauna is another Finnish invention and it only differs from the ‘ordinary’ Finnish sauna in the type of wood that is used: Kelo is the original Finnish pine that must grow for 500 years in order to be utilised in the Kelo sauna
Temperature: 100 °C
Humidity: ca. 10%

Bio sauna

​The bio sauna, or sanarium, is a pleasant type of rejuvenating sauna. It’s a gentle sauna with a low humidity of about 50% and a temperature of 55˚ C. It enhances the wellbeing of body and soul thanks to the scented essences. It can also serve as a prelude to the Finnish sauna.
Temperature: 55 °C
Humidity: 50%

Turkish bath

This is the classic Turkish bath - known and appreciated by most people. At a temperature of 45°C and a relative humidity of about 100%, the Turkish bath has a detoxifying and soothing effect. The herb-scented steam in the air helps to revitalize the skin and hair while at the same time clearing the respiratory tract.
Temperature: 45- 48 °C
Humidity: 90- 100%

Scented Bath

Thanks to the combination of steam and air, the aroma bath has a revitalizing and regenerating effect on the respiratory passages and organs; it also helps in the process of mental relaxation.
Temperature: 40- 50°C
Humidity: ca. 60%

Hot Bath

Thanks to thermal radiation that is good for the supply of blood and helps circulation (without reaching high temperatures), a hot bath is good for relaxation and rejuvenation. A hot bath also makes an ideal preparation for the various sauna types. It warms the body gently and helps to strengthen the immune system.
Temperature: 38- 45°C
Humidity: 10- 20%

Infrared cabine

Among the latest developments in sauna technology, are the infrared cabins for heat therapies. Also available at the Sport Well wellness oasis in Malles, you can now stimulate the senses in these infrared cabins, through direct heat on the skin, maintaining lower ambient temperatures, which are beneficial for the skin and circulation.
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