Audi Fis Ski Cross World Cup Watles

The skicross races will be on 15th January 2017.

Skicross is THE new alpine ski sport and every year lots of coming talents are emulating stars of the past years.
Very spectacular is the fight of four racers per run, putting them down through stairs, Wu Tang, corners, rollers, jumps and bancs until reaching the finish area. Through the KO System the two better of this four are qualified for the next turn, followed by the quarter and the half finals. The winner is who wins of the four remaining.
This alpine discipline since 2010 is olympic and reaching even more forced media attention through the skicross main sponsor AUDI.
After hosting two successful European Cups and the Audi Fis Ski Cross World Cup Watles 2016, Watles was again able to get the venue for the World Cup in 2017.

ADVENTURE MOUNTAIN WATLES – meeting place of the Top League of Skicross

Fin all informations, dates, risults of the race and side events of this spectecular event on 

pdf-40x40 Programm Audi FIS Ski Cross World Cup Watles

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Where:Malles Venosta-Prämajur/Monte Emozione Watles
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